Tuesday, November 02, 2004

I'm blogging this

Restarting my blog...I realized that before all I really did was babble..and it got boring and I stopped posting. I'll try this time.

I'll start with the topic everyone else is on. Elections. I cannot believe anyone would really vote for Bush, it seems like a simple choice to me, but I can't vote, so I don't matter. Right? Wrong. I handed out flyers today to make people more informed voters, they contained facts about Bush and about Kerry. Personally, I'm not for either of them, but I'd rather not have Bush, so the lesser of two evils wins my favor in this race. Please people, this man is taking away jobs, puting our dear country deep into debt, killing your sons and daughters, just to mention a few of his faults. I would not be surprised at all if the idiot turns this next four years around so that the country is run by a dictatorship or something. Voting for Bush doesn't make you patriotic, it just makes you ignorant! It would be incredibly nice if they lowered the voting age or made you pass some kind of test before voting so you'd know exactly who you were voting for. I guarantee I changed atleast one Bush fan's mind today. So in a way my voice was heard...although on a rather miniscule scale. My state went Bush...one of the most harshly affected by him. Damn hunters, they're a force to be reckoned with if you threaten to take away their guns. But what if he takes our free speach? Our right to privacy? What then? Those guns sure aren't going to do much good when you're forced to work overtime to provide for you family thanks to the debt we're all in. People really aren't getting the facts, all the mudslinging and all the campaign promises...behind that, there are two men who are just plain human beigns. We have to think which one is more competant to run the country. Forgive me, but I wouldn't trust a country bumpkin like Bush with anything more then a minimum wage job at the local gas-and-go. Then again, he'd probably manage to screw that up too.

Oh well, we'll see who wins...please not four more years, please not four more....